Know the best of the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

If you’re thinking about starting a business in Singapore or already have a Singapore-registered company, you’ve probably heard about government incentives like the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). The maximum support level of the EDG has just been boosted to 90%, which is very advantageous to those who are most impacted by the epidemic. How does the EDG operate, precisely, and what does it accomplish specifically? Further down, you will find the whole answer.

Is there a way to learn more about the Enterprise Development Grant?

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is a government-funded program administered by Enterprise Singapore. The government provides financial subsidies to Singaporean enterprises in order to help them develop their business foundations, pursue innovation, and increase efficiency.

What does the EDG promote?

Information about the Enterprise Development Grant in a single location

Manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers may all benefit from EDG’s sponsorship of programs that can help them expand and improve their businesses.

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Capabilities that are essential to the success of a project

In order to prepare for growth and transformation, projects under the Core Competencies umbrella help companies strengthen their organizational foundations and capabilities.

Management of financial resources

As a means of promoting corporate growth and/or enhancing managerial capabilities, the objective is to increase financial performance of organizations.

Human Resource Development

HR departments’ abilities will be honed, and the company’s growth strategies will be bolstered at the same time.

Every firm relies heavily on both productivity and new ideas

This program’s Innovation and Productivity grants help organizations explore new areas of growth or create strategies for increasing efficiency, among other benefits. You might rethink your processes and workflows in the course of this project. Additionally, companies may profit from automation and technology in order to streamline their day-to-day operations. Projects include the following:


Efficient and effective corporate operations may be achieved via the use of automation technologies such as enterprise resource planning software, which can help companies save time and money while increasing productivity.

Changing the Way Things Are Done

When considering the use of automation, companies are advised to do a thorough review of their present business processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

The process of creating a new product is referred to as “product development.”

Development of your products for commercial use is encouraged, since this will help you innovate and grow your business.

The ability to sell your product or service

Access initiatives help Singaporean companies wishing to expand their company internationally. The EDG may be used to help enterprises cover some of the costs connected with their expansion. Projects include the following:

When it comes to M&A, the process might be in the planning phases, the examination of potential mergers and acquisitions, or the integration stage after a merger or acquisition.

When you create an overseas marketing presence (OMP), you’ll have a base of operations from which to launch marketing and/or business development initiatives in new territories.

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By building a reputation in new geographic or product sectors, the main objective is to support organizations in growing.Standardization This program’s purpose is to help organizations in the adoption of internationally recognized standards and certifications across a variety of sectors.

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