Communication Compliance Approach In A Post-COVID World

The challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have brought life-changing lessons to many people worldwide. Through it, changes have been made, especially in businesses that struggled to continue and had to adapt and adapt to needed ways to survive. Many firms had to learn and accept the need to shift to the work-from-home setup, meet online, and be productive without each member’s physical presence.

Thanks to technology, communication was made possible via video conferencing tools. New communication methods started to emerge, and so they need greater communication compliance.

Evolution in Compliance Modeling Driven by Data and AI

To help compliance teams address the requirements regarding global regulatory compliance, created teams work on a platform-centred approach. The rapid response and react model evolved to an always-on continuous compliance model. 

Data capture’s role is not just about knowing the interaction between the client and the employee but also about understanding the employee. Mobile call monitoring or SMS monitoring can help identify people’s health and mental state in the workforce to handle a client better.

Businesses need to understand their client’s communication requirements. For European countries, voice conversations are highly favoured than chats, whereas Asian customers prefer the opposite and heavily rely on chats than voice calls. 

With all that, using AI to help predict the risk in conversation pattern can help compliance teams create preventive measures to avoid non-compliance issues.

COVID-19 and the Trends in Communication Compliance

With the trend that allowed employees to work remotely, the need for a transparent communication channel grew. The geographical and cultural preference of clients in using communication tool also needs consideration. In most parts of the world, WhatsApp is widely used, while most parts of Asia are WeChat. For this reason, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy was adopted by many businesses.

As for archiving the business conversations, TeleMessage can record and record conversations from the business account of the mobile chat application used by the employees.

Learn more about communication compliance and business message archiving through this infographic.


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