Looking for Plumbing Service Jobs is The Best Thing You Can Do Now

Right now, the US is facing some of the worst living conditions in the last 100 years. Maybe even more. People need to stay locked in their homes because the Covid-19 pandemic is creating total chaos. Millions of people are infected and thousands are dying every day because of it.

The industry is suffering tremendously. Businesses are being shut down every day. People are left on the streets without a paycheck and they have nowhere to go. The state has provided some help for these people, but it is definitely not enough.

If you’re one of those people who were laid off or have the chance to be laid off in the near future, you must find a solution for the new situation. You need to look for another job. This other job might be plumbing. Learn more about plumbing here.

In this article, we’re showing you why plumbing services might be an excellent solution for your situation. If you want to learn more about it, and whether you’re ready for something like this, keep on reading and learn more about it!

Plumbing is easy to learn

The only skills you need to have before starting to learn for being a plumber are math and science. Of course, this doesn’t mean to be a rocket scientist, but to know the basics.

When you’re becoming a plumber and working in this industry, you will often need to do measurements of the pipes, calculate the length, width, and depth. You will need to know about the materials used and their chemical components. How is the metal or plastic made, what does it do? Will it burn? How different types of gasses react when they are exposed to air or heat.

These are all issues that we face every day. However, if you don’t feel like you’re interested at all in these things, then you might not be the best fit for the job. If you have no problem in doing these kinds of calculations, and you are generally interested in engineering, then you’ll have no problem in conducting the required plumbing tasks.

It will never you leave out of a job

Aside from the falling economy at the moment, the plumbing jobs are not affected. Interestingly, companies are looking for a fresh new workforce. This industry needs more people.

The pandemic will be over one day. Things will go back to normal. Other issues are going to pose a bigger threat to your life and job. Things like the technological breakthroughs that are predicating to sack hundreds of millions of people on the streets.

They will no longer be needed because computers backed by artificial intelligence will be taking their place. However, when it comes to the plumbing service, this is never going to happen. The reason is that robots can’t do plumbing. See more about it here: https://time.com/5876604/machines-jobs-coronavirus/.

Sure, they can do some of the things, but people will always be needed to overlook and make decisions. Computers are driven by facts and probability. These things give them answers when they are looking for them. In plumbing, it’s not enough to make a decision based on probability. Sometimes the best possible solution is based on experience and the client’s best interest.

Even today plumbers use technology for their tasks. Small cameras are being used for going through the pipes and seeing what’s inside. However, this is not enough, and no robot will ever be enough. There will always be a need for professional plumbers who will at least do the management tasks.

You earn over the average salary

At the moment, the median US salary is somewhere around $40,000. The plumber’s median salary is almost $54,000. That way, more than what the average American earns. Of course, in all industries, people make more or less depending on many factors.

Age, experience, position, education, all these things matter. In the plumbing industry, one can earn up to $71,000 if they are experienced, skilled, and in decision-making positions. The lowest is around $40,000 which is the American average.

As you can see, being a junior plumber means earning as the average American worker earns. If you continue working, you’ll soon get into the graph of people who are earning more than most. Just look for plumbing service jobs near me online, to see how well-paid they are in your area. It’s different from state to state.

The working environment is always relaxed

If you have ever worked in a big company with lots of employees, you know how stressful the working environment can be. All kinds of colleagues with different personalities and you need to adjust all of them. Especially the bosses who, as by rule, are annoying and make the workday tough.

Did you know that in most industries one of the top reasons why people quit their jobs is their poor relationship with the management of the company? To be more precise, the boss. People can’t stand working for bad people, and that seems like not changing any time soon.

When you’re in the plumbing business, you basically have no boss to spend time with. Plumbers don’t sit in an office taking everything that comes from their bosses. Instead, they are on the field helping the customers.

The only thing that might make your work time stressful is the law of physics. What does that mean? It means that liquids and pipes always work under the laws of physics, and sometimes, this can make quite a mess. In some situations when pipes burst, there might be water all over the place.

It’s a situation that plumbers must face from time to time. It’s not convenient as sitting in a chair relaxing, but at least there’s no one on top of you to scream why you didn’t do something properly and why you aren’t on time with the schedule.


The beginning of the third decade of the 21st century is the best time to start your career as a plumber. Companies are hiring and you should take advantage of this moment. File your resume, and start your training today.

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