What is the Plain Sight Law in TX?

Typically, the police in Texas need a warrant to conduct searches, seizures of property, or arrest individuals. In the absence of a judicial warrant, the police can still conduct warrantless search and seizure by applying exceptions such as the “plain sight” law. Note: Do not confuse the plain view law with the “plain smell” law. […]


How to combat negative feedback online

Managing negative online feedback of your business can be challenging. There’s also a risk that if it’s handled poorly, it could lead to ongoing consequences. The public relations experts at Adoni Mediaencourage embracing the conversation with your clients. View feedback as an opportunity to improve trust, influence purchase decisions and build brand loyalty. Here are […]


What is the Best VPN Android?

Given the upsurge in internet privacy concerns, almost all internet users are rightfully being drawn towards the prospect of using Virtual Private Networks. These networks encrypt user data to provide completely anonymous web browsing. However, users must consider a lot of factors before selecting a VPN Network. The best VPNs are the ones that can […]


Decipher The Loa

Loa is popping up everywhere it appears (really that belongs to what the law states!). Possibly you’ve been listening to it? Its getting lots of play in movies such as the Secret and just what the Bleep Will We Know, etc. My personal favorite teachers from it, Esther and Jerry Hicks (ala Abraham), are topping […]